private whisky cask

Cask owners can purchase a 200-litre first-fill American ex-Bourbon cask made from American oak. All privately owned casks will your name and the cask number on. You will receive a certificate of ownership and will be invited to taste the whisky as it matures on an annual basis until you decide to bottle.

During the maturation process evaporation occurs which is known as the “Angels share” which on average is 2% of the casks contents per year. In addition to this is the “Devils share” which is the absorption of the liquid into the wood at an average of 5%. All of this is not an exact science, so the figures are only a guideline.

On the 3-year anniversary the liquid can legally be called Whisky and then can be either bottled or left to mature further. If bottled at 3 years you will get roughly 250 x 70cl bottles at cask strength or 350 x 70cl bottles at 46%, the longer the liquid is aged the fewer the bottles due to the evaporation.

Private cask single malt whisky – £3500. Price includes 5 years storage; extra years storage can be purchased.

Please see below for typical costs for bottling your cask at 3 years, these are at current prices so will vary depending on when bottled.

  • Cask – £3500
  • Bottling – £1000
  • Duty – £3239
  • Vat – £1547.80
  • Total Cost – £9286.80
  • Price per bottle – £37.14
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